Welcome to the American Association of Teachers of French’s Commission for the Promotion of French site!

This site was created to help teachers, parents, and students find ways to promote the French, and French programs, in their schools, universities, and communities.

Over the past few years, in addition to its other projects, the Commission has updated four brochures published by the American Association of Teachers French: French By the Numbers, French is Not a ‘Foreign Language,’ Now Hiring: Global Competencies, and Why Learn French?  All are available in the  On-Line Store.

National French Week

The image for November 1st from the second set of images for 2023.

In 2023, the Commission created two sets of square images to be shared on social media for each of the eight days of National French Week. The images were designed to match the 2023-2024 National French Week poster designed by the commission’s chair, Justin Charles, and align with 2023’s theme of All around me, la francophonie! One version will be shared on the commission’s social media during National French Week. The second version is available ahead of time for educators to use to promote National French Week in their institutions and communities. It can be downloaded here:

Previous National French Week Social Media Campaigns

The Commission will continue to create shareable images that align with each year’s theme.

Event Checklists

If you have planned an event to promote French in your school or community, please send any information or your checklist to be included on our site to aatffrenchpromotion@gmail.com


Community Events
Poisson d’Avril (see High School for files)
School Events
Poisson d’Avril (see High School for files)

Middle School

Community Events
Caroling in the Community: Caroling in the Community Cantiques de Noel
Poisson d’Avril (see High School for files)
School Events
Tombstones for Toussaint (see High School for files)
Poisson d’Avril (see High School for files)

High School

Community Events
Mardi Gras at the Library: Mardi Gras at the Library
Caroling in the Community (see Middle School for files)
Poisson d’Avril: Poisson d’Avril Fish Cutouts
School Events
Tombstones for Toussaint: Tombstones for Toussaint Tombstones for Toussiant
Poisson d’Avril (see Community Events for files)

College & University

Community Events
TOURNéES FESTIVAL – check link for current year’s deadlines
School Events

Upcoming Projects

The Commission is currently developing:

  1. a poster series to promote the study of French for use both in schools and in the community.
  2. a series of images shareable on social media to promote National French Week and the study of French beyond National French Week.

If you are interested in either of these projects, please contact us at aatffrenchpromotion@gmail.com